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Social Media Strategy Outline

The Re Invent Marketing social media marketing strategy outline provides an in depth plan that is in sync with traditional marketing and business goals.  A social media marketing strategy is needed no matter how big or small the business. Whether social media marketing works or not depends on the strategy and what a company wants to achieve. A good understanding of the target audience is needed to successfully promote the business. Some of the major sites for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Linkedin.  There are additional sites targeted to specific segments of the customer base.

An occasional blog or post on Twitter will not get great results.  Businesses that do not have large marketing budgets at their disposal can benefit from social networking if there is a solid strategy. Clear goals should be defined by deciding what the business needs to do to grow or improve, such as:  

         Providing customer service

​         Offering promotions

​         Thought leadership

         Increasing awareness of products or services

         Providing information to help support their industry

         Cross-Promoting with suppliers 

         Driving business to website